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W I M A  Capacitors

Manufacturer of high end plastic film capacitors, metallized paper capacitors, Snubber & DC-Link Capacitors, GTO & SuperCaps.




Fields of Application :

  • Automotive
  • Power Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Consumer
  • Telecom / Data 
  • New Energy
PET & PPS Film Capacitors

Film/Foil Capacitors in PCM 2.5 - 52.5 mm: Self-healing Polyester and Polypropylene capacitors up to 220 µF with voltage ranges up to 2000 VDC.

SMD-PET & SMD-PPS Film Capacitors

Size codes 1812-6054 and capacitance values from 0.01 µF through 6.8 µF with PET and PPS dielectric.

Metallized Paper X & Y RFI Capacitors

Interference suppression capacitors with Polypropylene or Metallized Paper dielectric classes X2, X1 or Y2

Snubber Capacitors

Developed for high-power converter technology, WIMA Polypropylene snubber capacitors are available in manifold connecting configurations.

GTO Capacitors

WIMA Polypropylene GTO capacitors are especially designed to attenuate voltage spikes on GTO-Thyristors and IGBT.

DC-Link Capacitors & SuperCap

Intermediate circuit capacitors in manifold connecting configurations with capacitances up to 4920 µF and voltage ranges up to 1600 VDC for applications in high-power converter technology.